Taking Care of The Chronic Cough in Winter

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Usually, coughing is nothing to be concerned about as it is a protective reflex to clear the airways and get rid of foreign bodies. However, if the cough does not get better over a week, accompanied by wheezing, then it is time to see a doctor. Coughs that last longer than 8 weeks are considered chronic.

Dr Pujan Parikh, Consultant at Sir HN Reliance Foundation, warns that chronic winter cough should not be ignored as it could be due to certain underlying reasons. If the cough persists after trying multiple cough syrups, then this symptom is troublesome and should not be ignored.  Chronic coughs disturb your night’s sleep and are severe concerns like rib fracture, loss of bladder and cough syncope.

What are the causes of Chronic Cough?

The main cause of chronic cough in our country is Tuberculosis, and as said earlier, it could be a symptom of an underlying disease.  Dr Pujan mentions chronic asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are other reasons for chronic cough. Also, patients on hypertensive medicines like beta blockers and ACE inhibitors have chronic coughs. A person can also get a chronic cough due to viral infection and Gastro-oesophagal reflux disease.

What is the Treatment for Chronic Cough?

A doctor should diagnose a person with a chronic cough to know the underlying cause because patients with cardiac failure also have chronic coughs, which could be risky if ignored.

Alternatively, the symptoms of chronic cough can be relieved with over-the-counter cough medicines.

Home Remedies for the Chronic Winter Cough:

If you are struggling to get relief from that persistent cough that snatches away your sleep and does not allow you to relax.  Then try some of these natural home remedies.

  • Keep yourself hydrated, as fluids can help thin secretions.
  • You can gargle with warm salt water as it helps to get rid of mucus and clears the throat.
  • To ease a chronic cough, keep your head elevated with extra pillows at night.
  • Go for steam inhalation. It will get clear your airways.
  • You can use cough drops to soothe an irritating throat.
  • Avoid smoking and use of tobacco.
  • Stay away from smoke, dust or other pollutants.
  • Honey is an amazing solution for a persistent cough. You have to add honey to hot tea.
  • Ginger Tea helps reduce symptoms of chronic cough and clear the nasal passages.
  • Use herbs like eucalyptus or mint to get relief from cough symptoms.
  • Sip on the hot soup on a day that keeps you low due to cough.

A chronic cough is very difficult to handle. While you can rely on medicines, natural home remedies can give you instant relief from that persistent cough when tried along with medicines.

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