Simple Ways to Save Money When in Tokyo

By Nahid

With good reason, Japan has recently become one of the most popular travel destinations. Travellers must experience it at least once in their lifetime because it is brimming with thrilling activities and beautiful scenery! It may be fairly taxing on the wallet, though, with the abundance of sights to view, activities to engage in, and meals to eat. Here is a list of cost-cutting suggestions that will assist you, but the experience will not be compromised. Continue reading to learn how to travel cheaply to Tokyo.

1. Reserve your transport passes

In addition to being the most convenient means to get around the city, public transport in Japan is also very effective. It is recommended to buy your transportation passes in advance because it will be the most convenient method of transportation!

The Tokyo Subway Ticket is the most budget-friendly method of transportation if you are in Tokyo for a few days. You gain unrestricted access to more than 250 stations on the Toei Subway and Tokyo Metro lines when you purchase this. For a list of all possible routes, consult this map.

2. Pack light

You can save a lot of money by packing carefully and efficiently. One benefit is that if you can fit your basics in a carry-on, you will not need to use check-in baggage, which lowers your risk of having to pay an additional cost for overweight luggage. You will also be less inclined to buy clothing or other needless stuff in a smaller room!

Stay in capsule hotels - ways to save money in tokyo

3. Stay in capsule hotels

Check out the most straightforward options, such as capsule hotels, as you are not in Japan to stay in your hotel room all day. These “travel pods” are hostel-style lodgings designed to suit budget travellers. Japan’s travel pods are among the classiest in the world, yet they also happen to be the least expensive alternative to free lodging!

Opt for convenience store meals - ways to save money in tokyo

4. Opt for convenience store meals

The number of affordable options you will discover in Japanese convenience stores will amaze you! Any cravings you have can be satisfied by visiting Lawson, Family Mart, or 7-Eleven for bento boxes, Muji brand snacks, and anything in between. You can estimate your spending at SGD 0.70 to SGD 3.75 for each meal, so start looking at these must-have Japanese 7-Eleven snacks and dinners!

5. Shop at outlet stores like Don Quijote or DAISO for discounts

It is alluring to promptly shell out for a lovely keepsake or skin treatment, especially in Shibuya and Harajuku’s shop-lined streets. But, unexpectedly, it is possible to buy in Tokyo on a budget; you simply need to visit the correct shops.

Spend less on day trips | ways to save money in tokyo

6. Spend less on day trips 

You should consider visiting the several cities around Tokyo since there is a lot more to see than just Tokyo alone. However, this does not require you to spend further money on additional travel and lodging; choose a day trip instead!

Travel Time

Winter is the best time to visit this place, as you can get cheap flights and hotels to stay in.

Try dining at the vending machine

Instead of going to coffee shops, try searching for a vending machine and then choosing your food at the machine. You get your food at half the price. You get a ticket, collect it, and hand it over to the server. Your food gets served at your table. So you can save more here.

Hit the supermarkets at the right time

In most shopping malls, you will find supermarkets in the basement. Here you can get fresh food, like noodles or sushi, at discounted prices just before closing time.

You do not have to break the bank to enjoy your stay in Tokyo. Just make plans for where you are staying, what you are buying, and how you are getting around. With these aforesaid tips, you will spend a lot less and enjoy more.

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