Beware Of The New Covid Wave: Things To Keep In Mind

By Layana Reghunath

By now, you must be well aware of the new covid wave emerging in China that may soon hit our country. This time, the culprit is BA.2, the subvariant of the most infectious omicron variant. Its accurate picture is yet to come, but seeing the number of rising cases in China, Europe and the United States, it is undoubtedly a contagious variant. 

According to the pathogen genomic surveillance director Bronwyn MacInnis, the world won’t go for a subsequent lockdown because of this variant. Still, chances are that it will disturb many people’s lives worldwide. Health officials from the US are in the hope for the lesser effects of this virus in their country as most of the people there were down with infections caused by the Omicron variant last winter. This article will give you an insight into the emerging new COVID wave and the things we need to keep in mind in tackling it. 

The majority of the population in the world has been vaccinated and has developed immunity against this deadly virus. Hence, the health authorities expect fewer cases of hospitalisation and severe illness this time. But other factors can make this variant deadly beyond our imagination. The primary concern of the health officials is the non-vaccinated tribe, who claims to have developed natural immunity against the virus from the previous infection. These people are likely to roam around without wearing masks and using sanitiser, which results in widespread disease. But people should know that BA.2 variant can sidestep all these immunity defences and severely damage our health system. 

While the new variant is still in an unpredictable state, there are things that you can do to protect yourself from its grip. Your timely planning now can minimise your exposure to the deadly virus and save the lives of the near and dear ones around you. Here are the things you can prepare well ahead of time to stay safe during the outbreak.

Stay informed about the COVID indicators in your community

Generally, we wait for the public health authorities to issue warnings. It is high time we change our mentalities. Be aware of the covid-19 statistics in your country or area. When you find covid cases around you rising at an alarming rate, immediately take appropriate precautions. Make wearing masks mandatory while stepping out of your homes, and rethink your idea of participating in large gatherings where you don’t know much about the other person’s vaccination status. Another thing to keep note of is your community’s positive test rate. If you find it going above 5%, it is high time that you upgrade your preventive measures. 

Opt for high-quality masks

Even if your country or state has lifted covid precautionary measures like wearing masks in public places, it is always a good idea to keep good-quality masks handy. Wearing them in public places is entirely up to you, but wear them when you see a rise in covid cases around you. Most pharmacies and community centres will have a limited stock of free N95 masks. Stock them up for emergencies. I agree that you all are tired of wearing masks for a prolonged period. But remember, your slight inconvenience can reduce your risk of infection. I don’t want to terrify you. But still, we need to be made aware of the side effects of the long covid. Why do we want to get into all those complications when we can easily save ourselves from this deadly infection by following regular steps? The sooner people start wearing masks, the sooner the third wave will end. 

Stock home covid test kits

Keeping adequate home covid test kits in stock will be helpful when you find any of your family members develop symptoms. But unfortunately, there will be a shortage of testing kits at peak times. So, it is necessary to stock them from now itself. 

Take your booster dose

The government have already booster doses for older people. While the effectiveness of booster dose is still a matter for discussion, studies suggest people above 65 years of age and others with weak immunity will definitely benefit from this extra dose of precaution. If you are yet to get your booster dose, this is the right time. And suppose you are a person who recently got covid. In that case, you will likely develop natural immunity against the disease just like a booster dose, even though its shelf life will be significantly less. The antibodies you acquire from vaccination or infection will wane off within four to five months. Your timely booster dose will help the body boost its defence mechanisms and enhance other immune systems, like B Cells and T Cells, to fight the deadly virus better. 

Get a pulse oximeter

A pulse oximeter is a small device which records your blood oxygen levels by clipping onto your fingers. If you find your oxygen level dropping to 92 or below, immediately take the help of a medical practitioner. The low oxygen levels indicate the sign of Covid pneumonia and increase your chance of getting severe complications due to covid 19. It is said that the device doesn’t work correctly for people with a darker complexion. But ring your doctor as soon as you find a fall in your oxygen level on the device. It is now readily available in all pharmacies and online. Taking the readings from your fingertips is better than relying on digital devices, as they often give inaccurate data. 

Undergo an antiviral treatment

Several antiviral therapy and medicines are available to help you curb the side effects of Covid. But again, these medicines should only be consumed under the guidance of medical practitioners. In most cases, doctors prescribe medication like Molnupiravir to patients with a higher chance of getting infected. To get the full advantage of the medicine, one must consume it within five days of developing the symptoms. Hence, it would be better to have a plan ready before itself, so you don’t have to run here and there in an emergency. Get the prescription from your doctor beforehand, and enquire about the pharmacy where you can buy the medicine. AstraZeneca has developed a new injection named Evushield, which better protects persons with weakened immunity and vaccination doses.

Always have a plan B for your social events and travel

If you have parties, weddings and events lined up amidst this covid surge, it would be better to notify them to organise such gatherings outdoors. And if travelling is on your list, enquire about the pharmacies and doctors nearby your destination in emergencies. Having the mindset that you are also liable to catch covid infection will help you take precautions accordingly. While travelling, remember to carry extra money or credit cards just in case you need to extend your stay due to covid infection. International travellers are required to have a covid negative certificate throughout their journey. Health experts are promising that this wave won’t leave us as bewildered as the previous ones, as we already know what will happen. Taking suitable measures at the right time will help us lead a normal life just the way we are living now. 


We can’t deny that another wave is coming, and we all must be more careful this time. Most of us may find these precautionary measures inconvenient and refuse to follow them. But remember, your one foolish act can cause the lives of millions. This stage will also pass like the previous ones, and we will all return to normal with more energy and enthusiasm. Till then, let’s stay upright and follow the necessary steps in fighting against the deadly disease. Be positive and stay healthy and happy. 

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