Amazing Benefits of Foot Massage in Ayurveda

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Like other parts of the body, your feet, too, need special attention.  Massaging your feet is the best option. Massage does not only give you relief from pain; it also reduces tension and stress, improves blood circulation, and boosts energy levels.  

According to research, massaging the feet triggers the nervous system, which results in the release of endorphins in the brain. It also helped people with surgeries like an appendix bear less pain and take fewer painkillers.

Let us see some of the benefits of foot massage:

Stronger Muscles: The muscle tissue of the feet remains strong and healthy for long periods because of regular foot massage. Also, it helps increase blood circulation in the feet, which is good for diabetes.

Helps fight Depression: If you are fighting depression or mental stress, the best way to get rid of it would be a nice foot massage. Yes, you heard that right. Massaging your feet relaxes the muscles and helps relieve stress and anxiety. 

Promotes Sleep: A good oil massage with essential oils or coconut oil can get you a good night’s sleep. It helps relax your nerves with increased blood circulation, which, in turn, helps you sleep well.

Quick recovery: The foot massage is helpful for athletes or those who do excessive workouts as it helps in quick recovery from any injuries caused by heels or feet. It not only gets rid of that stabbing pain but also is a preventive measure to safeguard you from getting injured in the future.

Beneficial for Pregnant Women: Pregnancy is a stage where there is a drastic change not only in the belly fat but also in other parts of the body. And edema is the most common one, where the feet get swollen due to water retention. This results in swelling and pain in the ankle and feet. A good foot massage gets you relief from swelling and pain in the feet.

Relief from Migraine: If you are fighting headaches caused by migraines, a foot massage can help alleviate the pain, and there is also a significant improvement in the headache.

So, these were the benefits of foot massage that you can look out for.

The feet connect us to the earth and bear the weight of the day, so a good foot massage is a great way to show appreciation for this deserving part of our body. So, why not try, as it can help you carve many health hazards in the most soothing way?

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