Simple Tips To Tackle Facial Flushing

By Nahid

Nothing beats the hot, sweaty feeling that comes with a great workout, and the coveted post-workout glow is supposed to be the cherry on top. After working out, you could feel self-conscious as sometimes the reward is brilliantly beet-red skin. Let us get a look into post-workout so that you never have to skip your favourite spin class or jogging route. Read on to learn why exercising makes your face red and what you can do to reduce it.

Causes of Facial Flush

In most cases, a red face after exercise is a fully normal response to physical effort. Everyone is aware that when we feel hot, we sweat to cool off, but as our bodies heat more, our blood flow increases and leads to vascular alterations that could result in flushing or a red face. Fundamentally, an increase in capillary density is what causes some people to experience cutaneous flushing after exercise. 

To increase oxygen uptake and deliver more oxygen to your working muscles, your blood is pushed through your body more quickly, which causes the capillaries to enlarge. This also pushes heat to the surface of the skin to prevent overheating. Although everyone flinches during exercise, it is more evident in people with fair complexion because pigments in darker skin tones can often hide milder flushing. Due to a network of small blood vessels feeding their capillaries that is genetically stronger, the redness is emphasised.

Exactly what can you do to stop it?

Even if you cannot completely avoid getting red while you exercise, you can try to decrease the redness by doing some actions. Start by thinking about exercising in a cool environment while dressed comfortably in light-coloured attire.

Don’t Eat These

The exact last thing you should do if your flushing is already more severe is to drink alcohol before working out. Drinking alcohol makes blood vessels wider, which increases blood flow and makes a face appear redder. Try limiting hot foods, coffee, chocolate, and sun exposure instead of that happy hour cocktail, as these things all cause inflammation and make the capillaries look more obvious.

Stop Using Harsh Skincare

Applying irritants to your skin, such as harsh retinoids, creams with a high acid content, or alcohol-based products, should be avoided if you flush excessively. Utilise items with anti-inflammatory ingredients instead, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and niacinamide. Vitamin C is particularly crucial because it is an antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress on the skin and provides further UVA and UVB radiation protection (sunlight can exacerbate the redness).

How To Treat That Red Face

If you are determined to keep your skincare routine simple, take into account this quick fix. To help keep your core temperature down before your workout, bring anti-inflammatory skincare products like cooling mists and a cool water bottle. To reduce redness and restore equilibrium to the skin, using a face spray before, during, and after exercise can be helpful.

The Perfect Solution

You can also rub your face with a cool, damp towel to loosen up your skin after that sweaty workout. Use a gel moisturiser after that to soothe your skin and lessen irritability. If the redness on your face just will not go away, you can also add a dab of hydrocortisone cream to reduce the inflammation; however, because it is a topical steroid, you should be cautious with how much you apply and should not use it for an extended period without first consulting your doctor.

You should be relieved because an intensive workout typically results in a sweaty face. The redness is only momentary and will fade with time.

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