Top 10 Upcoming Electric Bikes And Scooters In India

By Krishnan

Nowadays, electric bikes and scooters are beginning to dominate the market in India since fuel prices are rising day by day, and people have realised the importance of lowering their carbon emissions and are willing to commute in greener ways. So, let’s take a look at the new and upcoming electric bikes that are launching in India.

Gogoro 2 Series
Gogoro 2 Series

Release date: February 2023

The Gogoro 2 Series is an electric scooter manufactured by Taiwanese company Gogoro, which is the parent company of HTC, one of the top smartphone manufacturers in the world. The scooter is available in two variants, the Gogoro 2 and Gogoro 2 Plus, both of which have second-generation motors and powertrains that deliver the same power (6.4 kW) but guarantee smoother torque and better control. The e-scooter has two modes while riding, riders can select from sports and smart modes. Sports mode increases acceleration and top speed, whereas smart mode is more economical. 

This electric scooter comes with twin rear shocks with preload adjustments and a telescopic front fork. Single disc brakes are installed at both ends, with a combined braking system as a backup, and the 2 Series have standard 12-inch alloy wheels. Although the Gogoro 2 Series has an excellent display, a Bluetooth connection is not offered. It can be accessed with a smart key that features keyless access. It has adequate 25-litre under-seat storage and all-LED lighting.

What makes Gogoro 2 stand out from other e-scooters is that it has a system that facilitates easy battery swapping at any charging station in less than 6 seconds. When you run out of charge, simply stop at the charging station to swap out the scooter’s dead batteries. But Gogoro charges a monthly subscription for this service.

Matter 07 Electric Bike
Matter 07 Electric Bike | new upcoming electric bikes

Release date: February 2023

Matter 07 from Matter Energy is India’s first electric bike with a four-speed manual gearbox and clutch, as well as the country’s first liquid-cooled engine and liquid-cooled battery pack. The company claims 520 Nm is delivered at the wheel by the 10.5 kW mid-mounted motor, offering you smoother torque and quick throttle response.

The e-bike boasts features like keyless entry, LED lighting, a 7-inch LCD touchscreen with built-in navigation, easy charging, identifying accidents, and a nine-axis IMU, among many other features. Bluetooth connectivity is also available, allowing you to respond to calls while riding, receive notification alerts, and change music. It also has a separate mobile app that helps you keep track of the bike’s details, like the charge remaining, location, and ride analysis.

The Matter Energy electric bike is similar to many other modern bikes in terms of appearance due to its edgy and sharp-looking design. The Matter Energy electric bike has split seats, clip-on handlebars, a tail lamp made entirely of LEDs, turn indicators, and split grip rails, just like other modern bikes. The Matter Energy electric bike will be launched in four different colour combinations: grey with neon, black with gold, blue with gold, and red with black and white.

BMW CE 04 electric scooter
BMW CE 04 electric scooter

Release date: February 2023

The BMW CE 04 is the company’s first electric scooter, and when it launches, it may end up being the most expensive e-scooter available in India. The BMW e-scooter comes installed with an 8.9 kWh air-cooled lithium-ion battery pack. It is reported to have a 129 km riding range on a single charge. A 2.3 kW charger can charge the CE 04 from 0 to 100% in 4 hours and 20 minutes. But it can be charged in 1 hour and 40 minutes with a 6.9 kW fast charger.

The e-scooter has a magnet motor installed in the steel frame between the battery and the rear wheel. It has a rated power of 15 kW (20 hp) and a maximum power of 31 KW (42 hp). This, in turn, enables  CE 04 to accelerate from 0 to 50 kilometres per hour in 2.6 seconds and has claimed to reach a top speed of 120 kilometres per hour.

The BMW CE 04 has an excellent traction control system and three basic riding modes: Eco, Road, and Rain. The BMW CE 04 includes an excellent traction control system and three basic riding modes: Eco, Road, and Rain. The huge 10.25-inch, high-resolution TFT display, which can also be connected to smartphones, allows you to change your preferred ride modes. The dash also has a split function for navigation and other riding features.

With its long side panels, LED headlights, and overall visual design, the BMW CE 04 offers, in terms of appearance, a futuristic feel, and it comes with a flat single-piece seat. The BMW electric scooter has telescopic suspension and a rear mono-shock placed on the side. Its braking system comprises 265mm front discs and a single rear disc, both fitted on 15-inch wheels.

Hero Electric AE-8
Hero Electric AE-8 | new upcoming electric bikes

Release date: May 2023

The all-new neo-retro e-scooter, the Hero Electric AE-8, was unveiled at the auto show. It is a part of Hero’s Trend Series and is expected to be launched during the upcoming months. The AE-8 has an 80km range on a single charge and a top speed of 25 kmph. It comprises a fully digital instrument panel and a headlamp that is entirely LED with an LED DRL halo. Additionally, an interesting blue-lighted honeycomb design appears to be on the front apron.

It includes a mobile charging port, a USB port for recharging electronic items, and a fully digital instrument cluster. The AE-8 also has a front disc brake and a rear drum brake for immediate stopping power. It will be launched in different colours and can be used for highway and city riding.

Future Garages ELK bike
Future Garages ELK bike | new upcoming electric bikes

Release date: June 2023

The revolutionary electric motorcycle, ELK, will be unveiled at the next Motor Show in 2023 by Future Garage, a brand-new startup from India. ELK aims to provide riders with an exciting and environmentally friendly riding experience by blending cutting-edge technology with a sleek and sporty design.

The Elk is powered by a high-performance electric motor that provides sudden acceleration even if you just touch the throttle and can reach a top speed of up to 100 km. With a range of 200 kilometres on a single charge, ELK is ideal for both short and long rides.

Speaking about features, the Elk comes with LED illumination, a fully digital instrument cluster, a fully-digital display, an infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity, and innovative predictive maintenance features. One of the most attractive features of this e-bike is its capacity to collect energy from braking and store it in the battery, therefore increasing its range. This is achieved with the help of advanced regenerative braking technology.

This e-bike has a modern touch to it. With its stunning LED lighting and a range of eye-catching colours, it is sure to stand out from other bikes. The ELK bike is expected to start bookings from June 2023 in India with an expected price of 1.5 lakhs.

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter
Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter | new upcoming electric bikes

Release date: 2023

The classic Chetak, which transformed the scooter market in India, has been upgraded to the Bajaj Chetak Electric. The Bajaj comprises a 48V, 60.3 Ah battery that the company states would deliver a range of 90 km in Eco mode. Those who want to improve their ride experience with more power can switch to Sports mode but it reduces the range.

The electric scooter comes with features like Bluetooth connectivity, notification alerts, keyless ignition, and the Internet of Things (IoT) that may alert the user if the scooter is tampered with or charging issues arise. This feature allows you to see the scooter’s position, charge level, and remaining range. The Chetak’s headlight, taillight, and turn signals will all be LED units, while the instrument cluster will be a fully digital LCD unit. The Bajaj Chetak pricing starts from Rs 1.52 Lakh in India.

Suzuki Burgman Electric scooter
Suzuki Burgman Electric scooter | new upcoming electric bikes

Release date: July 2023

The Japanese company Suzuki will soon launch its new e-scooter, the Suzuki Burgman Electric, in the Indian market. The Burgman Electric and Burgman Street (its petrol counterpart) share the same design and some features. Its front wheel is 12-inch alloy, and it includes a disc brake and telescoping fork. However, the back has two shock absorbers above the rear wheels that have drum brakes and CBS that are 10 inches or smaller.

The electric scooter will have two riding motors with a range of 60 to 80 kilometres, and a motor power of 4 kW, making it suitable for city use. The company is also quite particular about the colour of the vehicle. Suzuki is the most trusted brand in India due to its long history of selling cars and bikes. The Suzuki Burgman e-scooter is likely to cost between Rs 15,000 and Rs 120,000 in India. Since the e-scooter is set to launch in October 2022, only then can we determine the on-road cost.

Honda Activa Electric scooter
Honda Activa Electric scooter | new upcoming electric bikes

Release date: September 2023

Now Honda Active is also making its debut in the electric segment.  The e-scooter is developed with the user experience in mind and will give the rider a fantastic riding experience. The new Honda electric scooter will be more reliable and comfortable for users than many of its competitors, with a top speed of about 50 kilometers. This new Honda electric scooter will have a fixed battery setup for extra safety and a range of roughly 100 km on a single charge. The exterior style will be similar to that of the Honda Activa, and it may share many parts with its ICE-based model, including the suspension and brakes.

The company will launch the Honda e-scooter with a completely new look that is unlike anything seen on the market. The body is made of plastic rather than metal to make the scooter lightweight. Make the scooter lightweight, the body is made of plastic rather than metal.  All versions will have disc brakes, alloy wheels, LED headlights, and tail lights. The Activa Electric will be Honda’s first scooter with different riding modes— three in total. Each riding mode is designed for certain conditions and will have its own efficiency, range, and top speed.

LML Electric Scooter
| new upcoming electric bikes

Release date: September 2023

After a 5-year hiatus, LML has made a comeback with three new electric scooter variants: the Orion e-bicycle, the Moonshot e-bike, and the Star e-scooter. The appearance of the electric scooter makes us believe it is from the future. It has a dual-tone design and an LED projector headlight with DRLs. The scooter is fitted with a digital instrument cluster, a tyre pressure monitoring system, twin disc brakes, telescopic fork front suspension with a mono-shock at the back, ride modes, reverse mode, TPMS, and many other features. LML also stated that it might include swappable battery technology.

The LML Star will be powered by a 4 kWh Li-ion removable battery and is expected to have an estimated range of 120 km per charge and a top speed of 85 km. The electric motor will have a maximum torque of 38 Nm and a maximum output of 6.8 PS. The anticipated pricing of the next LML Star, ex-showroom, is in the range of Rs 1.50 lakh. This electric scooter will come with a two-year standard warranty, and the battery will come with a three-year warranty, and there will be options for extending the warranty.

Vespa Elettrica scooter
Vespa Elettrica scooter

Release date: June 2024

The Vespa Elettrica is the first electric scooter from the popular Italian scooter brand Vespa. The e-scooter will have a classy Vespa design.  The scooter features a 2 kW motor with 4 kW pique power. The motor’s 200nm of torque enables quick acceleration and takeoff. The scooter comes with a Lithium battery that has a range of 100 kilometres that can go continuously for more than 100 kilometres after 4 hours of charging. There will be an LED headlight up front, but safety features like ABS, traction control, or EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) will not be present.

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