Korean Fashion Outfits That Will Blow Your Mind

By Nikhila P 

The fashion industry is constantly evolving. Every corner of the globe has been affected by the fashion wave. Paris was always being watched by people interested in fashion. However, Seoul is now South Korea’s Paris in terms of fashion. In the modern era, there are many fans of Korean cuisine, dramas, and music everywhere. The new Korean trend is being adopted by other people as well. Although Hallyu (the Korean Wave) is largely to blame for this influence of Korean fashion, the Koreans’ impeccable sense of style also had something to do with it. Not just in Asia but also in Western countries, this fashion trend is noticeable. Find new Korean fashion outfits that are the highlight of Korean wardrobes with the assistance of Ohh Now.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets, which are now a global fashion phenomenon, were first worn during World War II. These elegant jackets, which were once worn by military men as a part of their uniform, are now a winter wardrobe essential. They have frequently been altered to fit current fashion trends. Bodycon dresses are typically made of stretchy fabric, which makes them ideal for dancing and partying. One of the few pieces of clothing that can add definition to the body without causing discomfort is this one. This pairing of bodycon dresses and bomber jackets is a favourite among popular Korean dresses for women. Women typically choose bodycon dresses because they subtly accentuate their figures. Even though bodycon is a popular choice for partygoers, wearing them with a bomber jacket can elevate the look. Even though wearing a bodycon dress with a bomber jacket may not sound appealing, it is okay to combine the two items. The way you’re dressed is nothing less than a fashion statement. Your favourite K-drama leads will frequently be seen rocking this.

Oversized T-Shirts and Mini Skirts

Another new Korean fashion outfit combination that heavily emphasises contrast is this one. The ideal fusion of ease of wear and style is an oversized T-shirt. You can go to work wearing that baggy t-shirt of yours and a pair of modestly dressy bottoms. For a day out with friends, an oversized t-shirt can also be worn with jeans. Oversized t-shirts make for a dress that is both formal and fancy when worn with a mini skirt. Oversized t-shirts can help by allowing more movement in the upper body because miniskirts can limit movement in the lower body. Consequently, this ensemble is stylish and comfortable.

Following that, the outfit can be paired with some chunky shoes that can enhance the dress’ overall minimal design. This Korean-style dress for women is fairly common. In office romances, this has traditionally been the go-to outfit for the femme fatale female leads. There are quite a few things you can do now that you have access to all these amazing outfit combinations. Do you still have that practically baggy shirt in your wardrobe from years ago? That is the one, yes. Finally, you can put it to good use.

Floral Sundresses and Ball Caps

Vibrant floral sundresses can be your fashion refuge if you’re looking for something simple and enjoyable to wear this summer. You can wear it with a ball cap and be ready to go. Your attire is chic and ideal for a sweltering summer day. By choosing cold shoulder summer dresses over more straightforward ones, you can give your look a touch of glam. You might think that wearing a ball cap with a floral sundress is a fashion faux pas, but rest assured that it is anything but that. None other than BLACKPINK Lisa has embraced and approved of the combination. You should just go for it when a fashion icon approves of an apparently unorthodox combination.

One of the most well-liked Korean-style dresses for women is the sundress. They complement the majority of body types and are pleasing to the eye. Most sundresses have a pleasing aesthetic due to the use of vibrant colour palettes. There are a few techniques you can use to enhance this combination. Choose lighter-coloured dresses to start, and match them with ball caps that are a bit darker in the same colour.

Shirts and Knit Vests

Vests have returned, and this time they’re staying. Thanks to Korean office romance dramas, this vintage piece of winter clothing has successfully become a wardrobe staple. It couldn’t be simpler to put this outfit together. All you have to do is put on your plain white shirt and a vest in a dark colour. As a result, the ensemble exudes a casual, sporty vibe as opposed to fitted tops, which limit movement. An oversized shirt can be made more defined by adding a vest to it. A vest effectively contained the oversized shirt that was previously all over the place. No long sleeves? Not a problem. Nothing less than a winter classic would do for vests. They come back every year with a new twist, making them a necessity. The well-liked vest style from the 1990s has been condensed and altered to suit modern fashion tastes. Vests look fantastic with baggy shirts. While maintaining the laid-back vibe, the outfit has gained more symmetry.

Cropped Sweatshirts and Joggers

Sweatshirts are cherished for being plush, cosy, and incredibly cosy. Now that it has been altered, this casual garment has become significantly more glamorous. You exude a relaxed appearance that is just right for the situation. Thus, cropped sweatshirts serve as a meeting point for fashion and comfort. Running shoes are more than just sweatpants 3.0. The ideal athletic attire consists of joggers, which are both cosy and stylish. They are a must-have for athletic wear this year, so pair them without a doubt with a cropped sweatshirt. This outfit is effortlessly stylish and another airport fashion classic. You have the ideal outfit at your disposal as soon as you slip into those cosy joggers and put on that cropped sweatshirt. A cropped sweatshirt paired with joggers could be a great outfit choice this winter if you’re looking for something less complicated and more laid back.

Oversized Sweaters and Plaid Skirts

In spite of the fact that most of the world loves wearing oversized sweaters in the winter, Korean women are the masters of the trend. They probably live by the maxim, “If it concerns fashion, no concessions shall be made.” By wearing them with cute plaid skirts, they are able to highlight the appeal of oversized sweaters. You’ve probably seen the female leads in Korean high school dramas frequently wear this ensemble in scenes where they ultimately decide to go on that first date with the male lead. The right colour scheme is simply essential, even though people are welcome to give this outfit their own unique spin. Here’s a little advice: You can never go wrong as long as you wear a light-coloured sweater with a darker-coloured skirt.

Plaid skirts suggest that you tried just enough, while oversized sweaters suggest that you didn’t try very hard. This beautiful combination combines ease with finesse. The straightforward style is ideal for daytime dates and mid-shopping lunches in the winter. And in that way, the flair of a plaid skirt balances out the ease of an oversized sweater. This is one of the more common Korean dresses for women that are available.

High-waisted Trousers and Crop Tops

This is a unique Incheon offering. South Korea’s Incheon International Airport is practically a hotbed for fashion trends. Your favourite K-pop stars, whom you follow religiously, make their airport fashion debut right here. Here, female K-pop idols are frequently seen donning a crop top and a pair of high-waisted bottoms. This new Korean fashion outfit is the ideal fusion of style and cosiness. The clothing is a favourite among women’s Korean-style dresses because of its superb usability and impeccable elegance. When it comes to aesthetic appeal, people are frequently drawn to geometric patterns. Thus, small-sized crop tops look fantastic with high-waisted bottoms. Every piece of the outfit has a clear beginning and end. Given that airports have replaced runways for these celebrities, it makes sense that they would want to look presentable. One of the most popular Korean dresses for women is this one.

Women typically favour high-waisted pants because they give them a taller appearance. On the other hand, these pants are complemented by crop tops thanks to their petite size and simple style. This is a straightforward dress for Korean women that is slowly spreading to the rest of Asia.

Pastel Co-ord Sets

If you don’t already have any coordinated sets in your wardrobe, you should get one this year. This style of clothing is a perennial classic and is frequently seen in Korean dramas. An iconic outfit and new Korean fashion are made up of two related separates. Although pastel-coloured coordinated outfits are currently popular, Korean women are the best at wearing them. One of the most well-liked and timeless Korean outfits for women is the pastel co-ord set. Pastel co-ord sets can instantly reawaken anyone’s inner fashion guru thanks to their mouthwatering hues. Pastel-coloured coordinated sets are the direction you should go if you want to move towards something simple yet elegant. By accessorising yourself with minimalist jewellery that matches the ensemble, you can further improve the look. Co-ord sets are well-known and adored for being so effortlessly uniform. When they are available in some lovely pastel shades, their aesthetic beauty is enhanced. What makes coordinated outfits so great? These coordinated outfits can be personalised by pairing one piece with a different shade of the same colour.

Oversized Tees and Wide Leg Trousers

There are a variety of women’s Korean-style dresses available, so you don’t always have to expect the most extravagant designs. Sometimes all it consists of is a huge t-shirt layered over a pair of wide-legged pants. Another new Korean fashion outfit combo that lets Korean women show off their bodies without feeling uncomfortable is this one. University, shopping trips, coffee dates, and any other enjoyable outing can all be made in oversized tees. By matching your outfit with the appropriate pair of pants, you can control how it looks from the outside. You have the ideal outfit for anything when you pair a wide-leg pair of pants with an oversized tee. You can have a stylish yet comfortable outfit this way. Simply switch to oversized tees with longer sleeves on chilly days. Wide-leg pants make one appear taller and are, therefore, very common throughout most of the world. These trousers are a staple in Korean street fashion and can be found in the closet of any Korean woman.

Ruffle Blouses and High-Rise Pants

If you watch a lot of Korean dramas, it’s impossible that you haven’t noticed Go Monn Young from “It’s Okay Not to Be Okay” or Jang Man Wol from “Hotel Del Luna” for their impeccable sense of style. These two women, who were among the most stylish in Korean drama history, were able to dress up in ruffled blouses. It has been established by some of the most well-known female leads in Korean dramas that you don’t have to save your most expensive clothing for an impromptu special occasion. Simply put, you can wear your fancy ruffled blouse with a pair of high-rise pants. You now possess a well-balanced, disjointed, yet well-composed ensemble. Numerous other female characters in Korean dramas, besides IU in “Hotel Del Luna” and Seo Ye Ji in “It’s Okay Not to Be Okay,” have been spotted rocking this ensemble. It has the ideal balance of symmetry and glitz.


There are a few trends that endure and serve as the foundation of a location’s overall fashion culture, despite the fact that fashion is constantly changing. The art, culture, and heritage of a place have a big impact on fashion there as well, and Korea is no exception. Koreans’ general preference for minimalism in fashion and design can be attributed to their minimalistic ancestors’ paintings. The most well-known Korean dresses for women share some strikingly similar traits. Light colours and straightforward designs are common in Korean clothing. Other aspects of new Korean fashion, however, are anything but minimalist. Therefore, it is impossible to categorise women’s Korean-style dresses into a single group.

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