Breathtaking Unresolved Mysteries Of India

By Layana Reghunath

India is known as a land of mysteries. A country firmly rooted in its culture and tradition has many folklore stories to convey to the world. Of course, most of these stories are fictional and used to arouse people’s fantasies. But yes, a few others make you doubt the beliefs and thoughts you have been following since childhood. 

Through this article, we will take you to those unresolved mysteries of India, which are spine-chilling and eye-openers simultaneously. Let’s unveil them one by one.

The Great Taj Mahal Conspiracy

Taj Mahal has made its way into the world’s seven wonders list because of its mesmerising beauty. Emperor Shah Jahan built this white structure in tribute to his expired wife, Mumtaz. To date, it has been marked in golden letters in the history of India as a symbol of eternal love. But according to a New Delhi professor P.N.Oak, Shah Jahan never built it. Some archaeological evidence cited its existence way back 300 years ago, before Shah Jahan’s reign. The Taj Mahal used to be a Shiva temple and was called Tejo Mahalaya in ancient times. 

If this is indeed the real story, the entire love story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz must be refurbished. According to the professor, Shah Jahan found this ancient temple, renovated it and dedicated it to his lost wife. This story may be indigestible for many as they adore this beautiful structure. But it is also a fact that in the olden days, Indian invaders captured enemy temples and houses and converted them into a tomb for their beloved ones. 

Moreover, the travelogues of wanderers at that time did not mention any ongoing construction process of the Taj Mahal as claimed in the historical books. It further clarifies the existence of the Taj Mahal way before the said time in history. The question still pops into the head of many: Was the Taj Mahal a symbol of eternal love, or is its story the brainchild of some propagandists to give a clean chit to the emperor? It will always remain a mystery until the Indian government takes things into their hands and deliver orders to open the locked rooms of this building for scientific study. 

The Nine Unknown Men

The Western World must be familiar with Illuminati. Similarly, in India, there is a troupe of nine unknown men whose name people take out of respect and fear. It is said that Emperor Asoka was behind the creation of this group after he lost 1,00,000 men in a devastating battle in 273 BC. The whereabouts of this organisation are always kept secret and are known to pass on from generation to generation. 

They are believed to be trained in all martial arts and knowledgeable in almost all aspects of life. From microbiology to propaganda, from time travel to anti-gravity, they are well-trained in every art. It is a well-kept secret but sometimes gets out because of some spies. For example, the martial art Judo is believed to be derived from this secret organisation. 

As the name indicates, the troupe is a group of nine unknown men who seldom interact with the outside in their original form. Many rumours and speculations about them have been coming up, but none was able to prove any. It is believed that this troupe is widespread worldwide and holds high positions in various organisations. Vikram Sarabhai, the renowned physicist behind India’s space program and the 10th-century Pope Sylvester II, is said to be part of this secret organisation. 

The Cursed Village Of Kuldhara

Kuldhara village was mildly populated with around 1500 people 500 years ago. Surprisingly, they all disappeared together after one night. They didn’t get kidnapped or die; they just vanished from the picture. The reason behind their sudden departure is still a mystery. Some of them state that they were fleeing to escape the disgusting rules of some tycoons, and others hold honour killings responsible for their sudden disappearance. Whatever the reason, no one has dared to stay in that village from that day onwards. 

According to folklore, the villagers cursed the town before leaving, forbidding anyone to stay there. Some of the daredevils indeed gave it a try to prove the rumours wrong but ended up vanishing or dying in its outskirts. Specific paranormal investigations were also performed at this place, revealing shocking evidence. It is said that the people who perished there still haunt this place and won’t allow anyone to live there peacefully. Perhaps they are just rumours, but no one has dared to stay there in recent years.s. 

The Immortal Beings of the Himalayas

According to mythology, mountains are the favourite resting place of immortals and other celestial bodies. The Himalayas, the most potent mountain range, is supposed to be home to all these extraterrestrial species living peacefully in its valley. Gyanganj is a hidden kingdom among the Himalayas, which possesses immense divine power but can’t be found on any maps or satellite techniques. 

It is well-shielded from the outside world and is believed to be populated by immortals and enlightened Sadhus and Mahatmas. But these Sadhus always welcome guests to their place and try to impart their divine knowledge. In their life stories, many of them mention the serenity of this heavenly place. 

The Magnetic Hill Of Ladakh

There is a magnetic hill in the Ladakh region of the Himalayas that has become a favourite spot for tourists. If you park your vehicle on the road leading to the hilltop in the neutral position, you will be astonished to find it rolling up the steep street at 12.4 mph. In most of the Himalayan travel diaries, you will find mention of this supernatural phenomenon, widely known as the Himalayan Marvel. But in reality, it is not any mystery. 

It is the work of an optical illusion caused by the area’s geology. The position of the roads, mountains and slopes in this area are in such a way that it appears steeply uphill but is going downhill. Hence when you park your vehicle in the neutral position in this place, it will automatically appear to travel uphill but is travelling downhill. 

The Jodhpur Boom

On 18th December 2012, the Jodhpur residents woke up to explosions in the sky. It broke their sound barriers with its sonic boom, similar to an aeroplane flying above them. But it was more terrific and impactful than an aeroplane flight. The villagers were so terrified and enquired about the explosion the next day. But to their shock, they were informed no flight had passed over them the day before. And there were no traces of any explosion at that time. So, the reason behind this explosion remains a mystery. 

An even more shocking fact is that similar explosions were heard throughout the United States and Texas in the same month. In some areas, the explosions continued for a week and were followed by a green light. Authorities downplayed the situation by stating Air Force tested a new plane which no one believed. To date, no one has been able to explain the reason behind these mysterious explosions. 

The Aleya Ghost Lights

While travelling to the wetlands of Bengal, you may encounter a ghostly presence in the form of mysterious lights. They are the Aleya Ghost lights which are spread all over the world. They float freely on the surface of the wetlands and enchant travellers to follow them. The local stories surrounding these lights say that they are the souls of the fishermen who died in accidents in that area and lured the visitors who approached them, leading to their death. 

Modern scientists, however, have a different story to convey. According to them, they are the gases formed due to the rotten organic materials of the wetlands. It has oxidisation and ionisation properties, giving it a photon glow when it rises above the surface and comes in contact with oxygen. In addition, the gas changes colours depending on the gas, making the lights more beautiful. 

The Twin Village in Kerala

A small village in Kerala, Kodhinhi, has been the talk of the town because of its alarming number of twins. The funny fact is that only 2,00 families reside in this small place, yet they have officially reported having 250 sets of twins. The numbers will go up if we start counting the heads, as many of them go unrecorded. Officials believe that altogether there are 350 sets of twins in this village. 

With each year, the number is going up, leaving everyone bewildered. The astonishing fact is that the number is much higher than the country’s average, four out of 1000 births. But here in Kodhinhi, it is 45 out of 1000 births. The doctors suggest a genetic element behind this weird happening, but they are also not very sure about it. The twin story of this small village in Kerala remains a mystery to the world. 

Shanti Devi

Shanti Devi was born in the 1930s to a Delhi couple. By the time she reached 4, she had disowned her biological parents, claiming they were not her birth parents and stated she was reincarnated. According to her, her real name was Ludgi. Ludgi was staying with her spouse and family in a distant village. She died while giving birth to their child and mentioned everyone in her previous life. Astonished parents set out to find the truth and were shocked after seeing that the things she told were true. She, in return, immediately recognised the husband of her previous life and claimed the child to be hers. 

She became famous after that, and people came in huge flocks to visit her. She also seemed to remember the event between life and death and claimed to meet Lord Krishna. She said the Lord had assigned her to impart her knowledge and experience to this materialistic world. Later on, she went on to become a teacher, religious scholar and student. She preached every religion in her sixty years of life and tried to find the universal truth, which according to her, was her assigned task. Scientists over the years have tried to prove her claims wrong, but none could come up with solid evidence against her.

The Kongka La Pass UFO base

The Kongka La Pass is situated in Ladakh, a disputed border between India and China. The place is inaccessible to the outside world and has been an area of conflict between the two countries. It is under close watch by both countries, but neither owns or does patrol it. Hence some of them claim this place to be the underground base of UFOs. This pass is believed to be home to several flying saucers of UFOs who have built gigantic underground structures to conceal them. 

Locals term UFOs a common sight in this area as they pass out after accomplishing their assigned task. Reports also suggest that the Indian and Chinese governments are well aware of these happenings and are helping the extraterrestrials in their mission. According to Google Maps, some underground structures are in this area, which they have termed a military base. 

The Bhootbilli

The Bhootbilli, also known as a ghost cat, is a strange creature haunting different parts of the country and is found exclusively in the Pune region. The eyewitness claims it to be a crossbreed of cat, dog and mongoose and wanders around slaughtering their cattle and frightening the residents. People picturise it as a black monster with a long broad tail, a dog’s face and a mongoose’s back. 

It makes long jumps and can climb on long to escape from humans when they try to catch it. It is violent and is slightly less than a lion’s and more extensive than a hyena in size. People have reported seeing it multiple times, but scientists wave off their claims by citing it as just another tiny weird creature which lives mainly on people’s fantasies. 

The iron pillar of Delhi

Westerners were introduced to rust-resistant iron only during the industrial revolution. But an iron pillar in Delhi was made using this technology millions of years ago. The Victory pillar, or the Delhi Kirti Stambha, was constructed in the 5th century and is a tall six-tonne structure that has stood against rusting over time. The scientists praise its sculptor who managed to create this masterpiece, mainly when no one had heard about this technology. 

The village without doors and locks

You will be bewildered on your first visit to a small village in Maharashtra, India, after learning that none of its houses has doors or locks. The villagers of Shani Shingapur leave their valuables inside the house without adequately keeping them inside a locker. But the fascinating fact is that no theft has been reported in this village for the past 300 years. 

The villagers believe their village deity Shani Dev protects them from thieves, and anyone who attempts theft in this area will lose their eyesight. Because of their strong beliefs, people have also built lockless banks and police stations in this place. 

Lake of Skeletons

Roopkund Lake, popularly known as the Lake of Skeletons, stands 1650 feet above sea level. During the harsh summer of 1942, its ice started melting, leaving a pool of skeletons. These skeletons were claimed to be the remains of Japanese soldiers who died during a war. But in 2004, these skeletons were sent for scientific evaluation and were found to be those who lived in 850 AD. 

Many speculations arose after that, but no one could find an exact answer. Even today, when summer hits hard, you can find traces of skeletons floating on the lake’s surface. 

Mass Bird Suicide, Jatinga Assam

Strange things happen in a small village in Assam named Jatinga every year between September to November. During this time, many migratory birds forcefully commit suicide by crashing themselves into house roofs and tree tops. 

Scientists cannot come up with an explanation for this weird phenomenon, but locals believe it is the work of evil spirits. As a result, tourists are slightly reluctant to visit this haunted place, as told by the locals.


There are still many mysteries lying hidden on the lap of Mother Earth. Only she will be able to answer the science behind these mysteries. As her children, we can only remain mesmerised and perplexed by her weird creations. If you are an adventure-loving person, you can visit these places and find answers to the questions that arise inside you. 

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