How Do Animals Express Their Love: Signs To Look Out For

By Layana Reghunath

Only pet lovers can understand the true emotions of their pets. Even if they can’t speak, there are different ways for them with which they will showcase their love towards you. As some wise person said earlier, love doesn’t need any language; similarly, pets don’t have to speak out to display how much they care about you. Their small actions are enough for their owners to understand their true love. But if you have recently adopted a pet and are in the initial stages of bonding, you can look out for these 28 signs with which they convey their love to you. From dogs to cats and guinea pigs, every pet has its pattern of displaying affection. Now let’s look into more detail about how do animals express their love towards their owners. 

Your dog shows puppy eyes towards you

How do animals express their love, especially a dog? Imagine you relaxing on your couch while Netflix and your dog come and place his head on your lap, gazing deeply into your eyes. What do you understand by its action? It is saying, ‘I Love You’ to you. Dogs are strikingly similar to humans and use their faces and body language to communicate. If your dog is trying to make eye contact with you, it is showering its affection towards you and is silently telling you that it trusts you completely. Remember to give your pup your love back in abundance, which is what it expects from you. 

Your cat is blinking very slowly at you

Cats blink their eyes very slowly to show their love and affection. It means they have accepted you entirely and are comfortable in your company. They usually do it in front of other cats because for them closing their eyes is a sense of trust. You can also respond to their love by slowly blinking back at them.

Guinea pigs sing when they are in love

Guinea pigs are very expressive regarding love and make all kinds of sounds to express affection. They will make all kinds of squeaks and squeals to attract the attention of their owner or partner, which you may relate it their way of singing. So consider it the song they crafted, especially for you and sing back to them to keep their heart.

Birds shake their tail feathers to show their love

It’s not just dogs who wag their tails when they are happy. Birds also shake their tail feathers to show love and gratitude. It is their way of communication, and is trying to tell you they are glad to see you. So keep pouring them your love, and you can see more tail shakings. 

Cats rub their chin on you

When your cat rubs their face and chin, it means that they have considered you as its own and have taken you into its love custody. But you cannot believe this gesture fully as a declaration of love. But, of course, proclaiming their acquisition of something is an indirect way of love declaration.

Your dog is ready to share its favourite cheekbone with you

At the beginning of their schooling, preschoolers learn that sharing is caring. It is a beautiful thought, but it is not just limited to humans. Dogs also have these feelings hidden inside them. When your dog comes near you and drops their favourite toy or food at your feet, it is most probably giving it as a gift to you. It is one of their way of expressing love. So ensure to provide safe toys to your furry friends.

Your cat likes sleeping on your head

Cats usually showcase their love to you by indulging in the activities that you are in and try to copy you bit by bit. Cats can sleep anywhere, anytime. But when their favourite human being is at home, they will stay alert and be all ears to that person. So, next time you find your cat sleeping over your head, compliment it because it does what it sees you doing during bedtime.

Your cat is rubbing against your legs

Don’t mistake your cat’s gesture for rubbing against your legs when they are hungry. Of course, they may be starving. But most other times, they are just happy to see you after a short period and are trying to say that they missed you. Cats also rub against each other when they meet after some time. Remember to reciprocate your love by giving them a pat on their back.

Your bird understands your emotion

We have often seen birds like parrots and other smarties mimicking human speech. But they are not just mugging up and uttering what they heard. They can understand the emotions behind your words and will feel the same way as you think. That is why certain birds make happy noises when they see their owners. Some are even smart enough to say I Love You, directly to them.

Your dog accompanies you to the bathroom

It may sometimes be annoying to see your dog following you everywhere, even to the bathroom or when you grab a drink with your friends. But once you step into their shoes, you will understand that it is their way of showing their love and devotion towards you. They are so much in love with you that they want to spend each moment with you. Otherwise, why would they follow you everywhere? 

Your rabbit answers your call and comes near you

Everyone knows that dogs and cats respond well when their owners call their names. But do you know rabbit also has the capability of responding to the voice of their owner? Yes, rabbits study the habits and voices of the people around them and run towards their favourite people the moment they step inside the house. 

Your cat meows only at you

According to the studies, cats use almost 16 types of meows to communicate with their fellow beings. But towards humans, they only vocalise. Kittens meow towards their mothers, but they come out of this habit when they grow. Hence it is not normal for a cat to meow at a human. If your cat does it at you, it means they love you, even if they don’t show it regularly. 

Your dog likes to snuggle up with you

Dogs give particular importance to physical affection, so they try to snuggle up with you to show emotion. They may either palace their head on your lap, lean on your shoulders or sit on your lap; it is all their way of conveying that they love you unconditionally. 

Your cat prefers lying on your lap and purrs

Cats often purr to mention their sadness or low feeling. But if you notice a soft, long purr along with your furry friend snuggling up with you, it is trying to convey its feelings towards you and feel comfortable and affectionate around you.

Your dog wagging his tail hard and circling 

Sometimes simple signs are enough to express pure love, like a dog’s tail wagging. It shows their excitement, happiness and joy when they see you and always prefer being around you. Can you imagine someone in your life who displays their love like this every time you see them? I am sure there won’t be any because no one can match a dog’s love towards its owner.

Your guinea pig is whistling at you

No, you are not being eve-teased by your furry pet. Whistling is its way of welcoming you home with happiness. Even though they are small, their love for their owners is enormous enough. Their way of expressing love differs significantly from other pets like cats and dogs. When they are happy, they often make noises like whistling, squealing and chirping. It will always bring smiles to your face.

Your cat shows her furry tummy

You may not be so much in love with your tummy, but your cat indeed is, so they don’t showcase it to all. If your cat displays their tummy in front of you, it means they are comfortable being around you and feel safe and protected when you are near them. But it will not be a wise decision to rub their tummy as there are chances that they will rip you apart.

Your horse nickers

Horses are not so friendly towards humans and need the training to tame them. They are very demanding regarding their owners, so understanding their inner feelings is challenging. But if they nicker at you, make physical contact with and approach you, it is a sign that they are comfortable with and love you. 

Your dog comforts you when you are crying

Dogs are experts in reading human emotions and can see through your mind. So they will be notified when you are upset and will come to soothe you. They will lick your face, cuddle with you, and sometimes share their favourite thing to comfort you. Whatever method they adopt, it is their method of showing love.

Your cat loves playing on your belly

While playing with your cat, you may sometimes notice them stretching their paws and rubbing the area rhythmically. It can be a blanket, rug or sometimes your belly. This behaviour is known as kneading and is used by babies to extract milk from their mothers. If they show this pose in front of you, they enjoy being in your company and feel protected.

Your rabbit is jumping on your couch

It is not easy for a rabbit to sit straight and jump up and down, just like cats and dogs. But if your pet rabbit is doing it, they are so happy to be around you. Some rabbits may climb the long furniture to be with you, and some may stand on their toes to check on you from time to time. Since they love you, they are also interested in your activities. 

Your cat head-butts you

It’s not just football players who display affection by smacking skulls. Cats also show their devotion by butting their heads with their owners. This method, also known as bunting, is used exclusively by cats to rub their scent on favourite humans, things etc. You may feel it is weird, but it is their way of expressing their love to you.

Your dog high-fives you when you hold your hand up

Dogs love to be in the company of their favourite human being and will do anything to please them. They are happy when you are happy. If your dog is attentive and obeys your command, it shows their love and respect towards you. 

Your dog eats up your favourite pillow

Your dog may sometimes become naughty to showcase their love. If you are absent for a long, they may feel lonely and may start misbehaving. You may feel frustrated after coming home tired to see the damage, but understand that it is your dog’s way of telling you that it missed you and loves you a lot. Your dog can relieve tension and loneliness with their naughtiness and pure love.

Your cat starts licking you

It can sometimes tickle when your cat continuously licks you, especially your head. But they are doing it to groom you to show their love and care towards you. So even if you don’t like anyone touching your hair, understand that it is their sign of love.

Your dog keeps your stinky shoes

Have you ever noticed your dog behind your stinky shoes, socks or even your used undies? You may be wondering how it is copying up with their stick. They are looking for the scent of their favourite human so they can feel them around them every time. It may be hell for you, but for them, it is heaven.

Your turtle loves playing with you

Some of you may find it harder to digest, but yes, turtles love to play with their masters. You may have noticed that whenever you go near their tank, they come near you even if they are not hungry. They may not be able to display their affection on their rock face. But you, their pet owners, can surely understand their emotions. 

Your dog starts rolling as soon as you start walking towards them

When a dog starts rolling after seeing you, it isn’t requesting to rub its bellies. Instead, it tells you it trusts and loves you unconditionally. And their happiness will be multiplied if you give them a belly massage. 

The one thing that connects all living beings is love. Animals and birds will return your love in the purest form and will love you unconditionally. So, befriend them and take good care of them. They will be an asset to your life. 

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