Gorgeous haircuts that will be trending in 2023

By Nikhila P

Most of the time, the first thing we notice when we meet someone is their hair, which is the most attractive part of their physical appearance. Having well-groomed hair enhances one’s confidence and personality. We want to experiment with our hair in new ways every year. We’re all wondering what hairstyles and haircuts we can pull off with our natural hair. In the years since Corona, the fashion industry has focused on embracing natural textures and simple hairstyles. How will haircuts look in 2023, though? Undoubtedly, big changes will occur in 2023. The return of vintage bobs, bangs, long cuts, shaggy layers, blunt fringes, and retro styles will be trending in 2023. With the help of Ohh now, we can anticipate the most popular haircuts in 2023. 

Textured Layers

More layers are an excellent way to add texture to naturally fine hair while preserving volume by concentrating on the middle and ends of the hair. As curly hair tends to spring up and eventually appear short, it should be cut dry or with longer layers. Texturising scissors can be used to thin out extremely thick curly hair to make it more manageable. 

Short and Wild Shag

A traditional shag looks best on a head covered in curls. This is the coolest girl’s haircut of the bunch, without a doubt. The layered, choppy hairstyle popular in the 1970s is back and better than ever. The multi-layered haircut, which typically has choppy ends, a layered crown, and a ton of textures, is the pinnacle of low-maintenance and rockstar glamour. It’s also a super-easy hairstyle if you’re looking for a cut that will add volume, texture, and depth to your hair.

Fringed Short Curls

Curls can benefit greatly from layers, and this is especially true for shortcuts. You can steal admiring glances wherever you go by adding several layers and thick bangs. A short hairstyle for naturally curly hair that is cut between ear and neck length and paired with a fringe is known as short curly hair with bangs. Go all out with soft and alluring face-framing pieces to make the most of your curls’ potential and become the centre of attention.

Textured Fringe Bob

An alternative to blunt bangs is textured fringe bobs, which have some kind of layering. Expect to need more hair for this technique than for other bang styles—often starting up to 2 inches from your hairline. A contemporary bob with numerous short layers is called a “textured bob.” A textured bob that has been added in choppy layers has more movement and definition. Shorter sections of your hair are cut with standard or razor shears to create choppy bobs. For women with thin and thick hair, a textured frontal bob with choppy layers is a great haircut. You should embrace the anti-ageing benefits of a fringe, just like the countless celebrities who already do. According to Jamie Stevens, a grown-out fringe can instantly make you feel younger and sexier. In Neil Moodie’s opinion, the best way to update your look is with fringe.

Barely-There Bangs

When worn with short layers, curls make wispy bangs look even more perfectly haphazard. The majority of us have considered having a fringe. They have a cute appearance, frame features, and add character. However, if you’re not interested in making the commitment, barely-there bangs are quickly becoming the most attractive way to experiment with the cut without going all in. When dried and styled forward, the lash-length barely-there bangs draw attention to the eyes and give a subtle nod to the curtain bangs without having to significantly cut into the hair. 

Blunt Collarbone Cut (clavicut )

The length that flatters you the most is a lob that ends just below your collarbone. The clavicut is a blunt cut that is straight around the collarbone; it is no longer or shorter in the back than the front.

Soft Curved Bob

With soft ends, sexy curves, and a deep side part, we’re emulating the vintage Old Hollywood bobs of yore. Simply put, the looser, less structured wave that gives the soft-curved bob its slightly slept-in texture is also less structured. It’s the minimally styled but incredibly natural-looking hair version of no makeup.

Curly Pixie Cut

For more volume in a cropped cut, which curls already add naturally, add a side part. A short haircut called a “pixie cut” combines aspects of pixie and bob styles (hence the blended name). Curly pixie cuts generally come in a short, ear-length, or slightly longer basic shape with tapered ends that reduce bulk and weight for a sleeker profile. A curly pixie cut is not only low-maintenance but also incredibly adaptable. When you have natural texture, styling isn’t necessary because you can just let your curls be, provided you use the right products.

Cheekbone-Grazing 90s Bob

This stylish little number won’t be leaving the scene. Razor-sharp lines and incredibly glossy strands are key. Those who prefer short hair can wear it in this manner. It doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.

Mia Wallace Bob

This scene from Pulp Fiction is legendary in and of itself. Many people today like Mia Valensi’s short hairstyle. 2023 won’t be any less than that. A slight curve is added to the layered hair above the brows to make it more attractive. The face looks cuter because the hair is curled from the outer part to the neck.

Wispy Bangs

This cut deserves just as much attention, in case the eye-catching ginger hair colour caught your attention instead. Layering helps curls maintain their natural bounce, and wispy bangs instantly freshen any style or length of hair.

Choppy Layers

Choppy layers and bangs will add an edgy touch of cool to your haircut. It makes a straightforward lob appear dated. Having your hair cut in asymmetrical, layered sections to give it a blunt, the edgy texture is known as a “choppy layered haircut.” The choppy layers tend to lighten hair and can give it a thinner appearance. Long layers will maintain density throughout while removing just the right amount of weight to add volume at the root. Your cut’s choppy layers will create the appearance of thicker hair.

Blunt Textured Cut

Leave the ends blunt and add a textured bend to the body to instantly give your hair a thicker appearance. Cutting hair bluntly means cutting it at a zero-degree angle so that it falls in one straight line. Blunt cuts give the appearance of volume, making them ideal for people with fine hair.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are one of the hottest trends right now because they combine a retro vibe with extreme style. The most flirtatious fringe for fall is this ultra-wispy, super-retro face-framing layer. Curtain bangs are not only high-impact and low-maintenance, but they also perfectly complement every face shape.

Mini Blunt Bob

You don’t have to give up texture just because you choose to go blunt. The best of both worlds can be found in this small bob that touches the chin. A shorter hairstyle with ends that are cut in a straight line is known as a “blunt cut bob.” Bobs have proven to be timeless with their numerous variations. Due to the lack of layers, the blunt bob is one of the more popular bob variations.

Sharp Shoulder Cut

Any traditional bob or lob looks chic and up-to-date with this style, which has the ability to break glass with a single glance. One of the coolest hairstyles for shoulder-length hair is this one. It will perfectly frame your face when you combine it with side bangs. To define your facial features, add some highlights to the ridges.

Short Shag Cut

A chin-length cut with bangs is a flattering and distinctive option for curls because they have plenty of body. Except for someone who has a particularly round face shape because, especially with the fringe, it would cut off half the face and make it look shorter, the shag haircut will suit most face shapes.

1970s Long Cut

The 1970s’ feathered, fluffy, and soft fashions should not be forgotten. This contemporary long cut pays homage to the long-haired beauties of the past. Jane Fonda is the only person you need to look to for inspiration for 1970s hairstyles. The hairstyle that suits both men and women is the Shag of the 1970s. Back in the day, David Cassidy was a well-known heartthrob thanks to the way he wore his hair. It was made for people with straight hair. With either a side or a centre part, the hair was layered. The sides of the hair would be brushed back, giving them a look akin to bird feathers.

Blunt Chin Bob

A super-thick bob with tons of style is ensured by refraining from over-layering a cut. A sharp, blunt bob is a timeless cut that will remain in vogue in 2022 and 2023. A single-length blunt chin bob that grazes the jawline is cut to the length of the jaw. Straight, wavy, or curly hair all look fantastic with this short, versatile chop. With a high forehead, a long and pointed chin, and angular features, the oblong face shape is longer than it is wide. This face shape looks great with the blunt-chin bob hairstyle. The bob can really enhance the features of an oblong face because long hair can further lengthen your face.

Textured Lob

Maintaining a mostly one-length haircut will always make it appear thick and envious. This lob cut is always prepared to go right out of bed. An extended bob cut with layers for more body and volume is known as a “textured lob.” The length can vary, grazing the collarbone, shoulders, or neck. Because it never fails, the textured lob, also known as the long textured bob, has been hailed as one of the greatest haircuts ever. Every face shape and hair type, even thin hair, can benefit from a lob. Yes, lobs don’t only work for thicker hair. In actuality, it’s among the best lengths for fine hair.

Layered Mid-Length Cut

This exemplifies the phrase “let your hair colour do the work.” You won’t be weighed down by styling time thanks to the simple layers and adaptable length. Women of all ages, face shapes, and hair types love layering their medium-length haircuts. With layers, your hair will have more shape, texture, and even volume, adding to its versatility, which makes it ideal for all types of women.

Trim Pixie

Trim pixie cuts are short hairstyles with very short bangs that are typically short on the back, sides, and top of the head. It is a type of crop. The mythical pixie serves as the inspiration for the name. You should get a trim every four to six weeks if you have a structured cut, such as a pixie cut, bob, or another style. The shorter your hair, the more visible the growth. You should get it trimmed frequently to keep it in that style.

Soft A-Line Bob

 A soft a-line haircut has a longer front and a shorter back. The low-maintenance cut, which is slightly longer in the front than the back, lengthens and flatters oval and round face shapes. Soft-line haircuts have the same angled silhouette, whether the contrast between the front and back is stark or subtle. A-line cuts are a versatile choice that is especially attractive on face shapes with round features because they make them appear longer and slimmer. The stacked layers on the back of the A-line bob cut for thin hair lift the bottom of the cut, giving it body. For women who fear having short hair and prefer slightly longer locks, a layered lob is ideal. Then, if you have fine hair, think about this hairstyle. 

Long and Layered Cut

The layers of hair are all the same length and conform to the shape of the head. The length of each hair is uniformly cut throughout the long layer. The method uses curved, uniformly layered sections that are pivoted from the crown to the nape. Your hair will have the most movement with this haircut because of the longer layers and bangs. Your hair will be more bouncy and won’t look weighed down as a result.

Big Shoulder-Grazing Curls

It is important to take this length into consideration. It is both brief enough to really grab major volume and lengthy enough to leave a lasting impression. Those with naturally curly hair can maintain their hair’s best appearance with the help of this hairstyle. Extremely curly hair is difficult to manage. However, large shoulder-grazing curls give curly hair a lovely appearance and make it simple to maintain. People with curly hair benefit from this style by feeling more confident.

Grown-Out Crop

The most stylish crop cut we’ve seen all year maybe this one. It remains wearable and long, with side-swept bangs and feminine layers. The grown-out crop is a cross between a short hairstyle and a French bob length cut, with weightless, almost fluffy volume and length. It has the organic energy of a lived-in haircut because the front has been swept and flipped while the ends have been kept soft.

Cropped Bangs

Cropped bangs are a permanent style. It is the ideal complement to a bold, long cut of curls. Cropped bangs are typically cut at varying lengths to give bangs more definition and a little bit more texture than blunt bangs. Having your hair cut in asymmetrical, layered sections to produce a blunt, edgy texture is known as a “chopped bangs” haircut.

Early 2000s Sideswept Bangs

 Side-swept bangs, even so, are a timeless, adaptable style that has stood the test of time since the early 2000s. Any hair type or texture, any skin tone, and any age can wear these bangs at different lengths. It makes sense that this trend is resurfacing and returning due to popular demand. Side bangs will require much less upkeep. Additionally, should you decide to do so, they are easier to grow out.

Angled Long Bob

Angles are a great way to change up any length, but they’re especially useful for the short cuts that end above the collarbones. A-line cuts that are stacked in the back but longer in the front are what you should request. A long bob haircut with an angled appearance that is the shoulder- or collarbone-length, shorter in the back, and gradually longer in the front is known as an “angled long bob.” Due to the shorter back, angled lob haircuts let you enjoy the advantages of medium-length hair without all its weight.

The New Triangle Cut

The triangle cut, also known as the pyramid cut, is something curly girls are taught to be afraid of, but this contemporary variation is changing the narrative. When you get a triangle cut, your features will look very blunt and misshapen. It’s difficult to forget this “style” once you’ve noticed it. When the hair is one length and there are no angles around the face, the curls stack on top of one another to form a pyramid.

Flippy Layers

The look of flippy layers is reminiscent of the early 2000s, but that isn’t the only benefit of ordering them at the salon. Additionally, they make it simpler to mock the appearance of a recent, bouncy blowout. Long hair can gain volume and beauty with flippy layers. This hairstyle will always be popular.

Curly Super Pixie

A short, cropped cut is given so much life and volume by leaving your top curls long. A curly super pixie cut is not only low-maintenance but also incredibly adaptable. When you have natural texture, styling isn’t necessary because you can just let your curls be, provided you use the right products. Curly super pixies with longer hair and shaved sides look great on curly hair because they have a light structure and create a striking contrast. If you have thick hair, a pixie cut is a good idea because it allows you to better utilise its volume. Pixie curly hairstyles are made from tightly curled hair that has been cut to chin length or less. For women who want to achieve a natural look that never goes out of style, a curly super pixie wig is ideal.

Shaggy Shoulder Cut

By soliciting layers and curtain bangs with a shag-inspired look, you can give the traditional shoulder cut a more contemporary look. It’s perfect for people who want more texture and volume. Choppy ends, layers at the crown, and a lot of texture are common components of a shaggy shoulder hairstyle. This hairstyle can enhance thin hair because it will appear fuller and more volumized, especially if you request blunt ends.

You can opt for any of these haircuts that are mentioned in this blog, and make a style statement with your hair.

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