Natural Ways to Increase Your Estrogen Levels

By Nahid

Estrogen plays many roles in the body of a woman, and the levels of hormones keep varying from person to person and day to day. As women start ageing, lower levels of estrogen are an early sign of menopause. This leads to mood swings, anxiety, and depression.  Your doctor may recommend hormone replacement therapy to boost your estrogen, but there are many ways you may be able to boost it naturally.

But before we learn about the ways to boost estrogen, let us see the symptoms of low estrogen.

  1. Hot Flashes
  2. Irregular periods
  3. Mood Swings
  4. Poor Sleep 
  5. Osteoporosis
  6. Changes in metabolism

Now, let us peep into the list of natural estrogen superfoods that are readily available in your pantry.


Garlic is power packed with isoflavonoids, which help not only increase the estrogen levels in females but also protect against bone loss, lower the risk of heart problems, and keep cholesterol under control.

Have more Veggies:

If you want an increased level of estrogen in your body, then make these cruciferous veggies your new best friend. Add cabbage, broccoli, sprouts, and cauliflower to your diet, as they are rich in phytoestrogens and also have potent anti-cancer properties. Add them to your daily salad or make delicious dishes with them. Or you can just blend them and make healthy juices.

Go Nuts

Go snacking on a handful of pistachios or dry fruits; this habit will go a long way to keep you healthy as they are packed with vitamins and minerals. Peanuts, pistachios, and walnuts are the richest sources of estrogen. So next time you are hungry, grab a hand full of assorted nuts. 

Flax seeds:

These brownish-golden-coloured seeds contain high amounts of antioxidants called lignans, which are similar to phytoestrogen. They are one of the richest sources of estrogen and a must-have ingredient for women approaching menopause. Flax seeds also help control cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and manage body weight. You can mix a spoonful of these seeds with one glass of water and leave it overnight. Next morning, have this water along with the seeds, and you will see the difference.

Incorporate these superfoods into your diet and reap the benefits of good health.

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