Gear Up For Parties With These 4 Celebrity-inspired Hairstyles

By Layana Reghunath

Imagine you are dressed from head to toe like a diva but have messy hair. Your entire look goes wasted, right? A good hairstyle can boost your style to a great extent and give you much-wanted grace. But if you are a complete newbie to hairstyles, don’t worry; you have our back. It is that time of the year when we put on our shoes and dance to our hearts. New Year parties are always special with whoever you celebrate. So, while choosing the outfit for your party, you cannot neglect your hair. We have come up with four celebrity-inspired hairstyle that you can try for this year’s parties and weddings. Take a look at these hairstyle tips to avoid making mistakes at your next function.

Stylish Messy Bun
Stylish Messy Bun

First on our list of celebrity-inspired hairstyle is the messy bun. Over the past few years, we have seen a rise in Bollywood celebrities spotting in a messy bun. Buns never go out of style. Be it a traditional bun adorned with flowers, a messy bun or a simple bun, it has always been the favourite hairstyle of women for ages. Undoubtedly, the messy bun is the champion of all hairstyles. It gives you the low-key cool girl look, perfect for a yoga class and dinner date. It is also the ideal hairstyle you can try when you don’t have the time to wash your hair but still wants to look graceful without flyaways and frizz bothering you. In short, it is a hairstyle that you can wear quickly. 

Most hairstyles that you see in fashion magazines seem simpler to try, but once you start working on them, you will know that they are more complex than they look. But a messy bun in that way is different because it is easy to create and gives you that perfect versatile look within seconds. Here is a step-by-step tutorial for a simple messy bun.

  • Tie your hair to a high ponytail: To start, bring all your hair from your face and neck and put it together at the top of your head. Remember to bend your head down while tying the hair, as it will fasten the process and give you a high ponytail. You can leave a few loose hairs from your ponytail to frame your face if you want. Knot the ponytail loosely and avoid brushing if you want a messy and relaxed look. 
  • Twist your hair: It is an essential part of styling a messy bun. Once you have gathered all your hair in a ponytail, twist it until it becomes taut. For a high bun, wrap the twisted hair around the base of your ponytail. It can take time, depending on the length of your hair. You can wrap it tightly or loosely, whatever way you want. 
  • Secure your bun: Use an elastic band or hair tie around the bun to secure it, and clip bobby pins around the sides for the stray hairs to stay intact. You can personalise your look by adding a flirty bow, a quirky hair crunchie or a patterned hair elastic that goes well with your outfit. 
  • Finish the look with hairspray: For the messy bun to stay intact, use a good-quality hair spray so that it stays well throughout the day. 

High Ponytail
High Ponytail  | Celebrity-inspired hairstyle

Celebs often choose a high ponytail hairstyle for an elegant look. Recently actress Kriti Sanon was spotted in a multi-printed saree with a high ponytail. With the right accessories, she glowed up her entire look. High ponytails look extremely beautiful on the ones with long hair. You can combine the traditional ponytail with the sporty one and add a few more accessories to make it look fancier. While there are many versions of high ponytails, here we will explain the method of a basic high ponytail hairstyle.

  • This style usually works better on day-old hair. Using a dry shampoo will give the desired result if you just washed your hair. Hairspray will also do the job if you prefer them over shampoo. These products will ease your styling job.
  • Brush your hair thoroughly before tying the knot. Your hair should not have tangles, as it will not give the desired result. It will also lead to severe knots while removing your hairdo. Remember to brush in the same direction as your ponytail. You need to flip your hair while brushing and move your brush towards the crown of the head. 
  • Take a small portion of your hair from the midway to the crown and backcomb it using a teasing comb towards the roots. It will add volume to the top and round the hair.
  • Hold the hair with one hand at the back of your crown and brush out smoothly. You can apply serum or gel to tame the flyaways to give a smoother look.
  • Using an elastic band, secure your high ponytail. Don’t use a rubber band to tie your hair. It will result in extra tangles and may even break some strands. Always use a hair tie made for hair, and choose an extra thick one for a high ponytail. A fibre-wrapped elastic band is best suited for high ponytails. To give it a more elegant look, take a small portion of your hair and wrap it around the elastic band, carefully securing it with bobby pins. 
  • Don’t forget to use hairspray for the hairstyle to stay intact all day. 
  • And lastly, spray a little hairspray on a toothbrush and run it over your hair. This method will help settle the stray hair without flattening your crown. 

Braided Hairstyle
Braided Hairstyle | Celebrity-inspired hairstyle

At the recent Critics Choice Film Awards, actress Samantha Ruth Prabu was seen in a green-black gown designed by Gauri and Nainika. She enhanced her look with a messy braided hairstyle. She also curled her hair before braiding, which uplifted her overall style. We can see many celebrities like her spotting in braids recently. Yes, braids are back in town with much more grace.

Every girl must have learned to braid their hair in their childhood. If you haven’t yet, don’t worry. You are never late learning how to braid your hair and get that Elsa look. Over time, braided hairstyles also underwent several changes as new styles became ruled the fashion world. If you are a complete newbie in braiding your hair, I suggest instead of going for the complicated braiding styles, it would be better if you start with the basic braiding hairstyle. Split your hair into three separate sections and repeatedly fold one section over the middle section. Switch between the left and right sides alternatively till you reach the end. Secure it with an elastic band, and your basic braid hairstyle is ready. You can either go for one, pull it over the front or braid it on each side like pigtails. It will look good in all styles. Once you have mastered the basic art of braiding your hair, you can move on to its more complicated versions.

  • French braid: This hairstyle will uplift your basic braided look to a more elegant one. From the crown of your head near your forehead, split a small portion of your hair into three and start braiding down. But while moving down, remember to add more strands to your side hair before moving it over the middle portion. Continue the process till you reach your neck end and finish it using the classic braiding technique.
  • Dutch braid: You can call dutch braid a little higher version of French braid. This hairstyle will indeed make many heads turn. The steps are similar to French braid only. You only need to remember that you must cross underneath the side strand with the middle strand every time. Then, continue adding more hair to your strands as you go down, just like in a French braid.
  • Pull through braid: The main highlight of this hairstyle is that it doesn’t even need real braiding, i.e. if you are a beginner, you can easily carry off it, and that too within a few minutes. You only need a few elastic bands to do this hairstyle. Pull your hair into a half-up hairstyle and tie the first half with an elastic. Repeat the process by pulling the rest of the strands into halves and tying them up with elastic. 
  • Fishtail braid: This hairstyle will need some practice and consume your time if you try it for the first time. Beginners can start with a low ponytail and ditch it once they master the art. First, you must separate your hair into two sections and pull the outermost hair into the other side. Continue the step till you reach the end. 

There are many more braided hairstyles that you can see on TV and in fashion magazines. Here we have tried to include the basic ones for your better understanding.

Side-swept Hairdo
Side-swept Hairdo | Celebrity-inspired hairstyle

Ananya Pandya was recently spotted in a black dress and side-swept hairstyle. The hairstyle added more volume to her look. However, it is perfect for any occasion. Follow the steps below to get your perfect side-swept hairstyle.

  • Start with a spray: Before starting up, make sure that you have cleaned and blow-dried your hair well. Then, from the bottom, start partitioning your hair with a 2-inch gap and spray a good quality hair spray on it. It will protect your hair from hot curlers and straighteners. 
  • Use curlers: Start curling 2-inch sections of your hair and continue the process until you have completed both back and sides. Make sure to hold the clamp on each section for around 30 to 60 seconds for proper heating. 
  • Add more volume: You can add extra volume to your crown head by leaving the deep side part alone. Once you finish curling your hair, pin them up with a hair clip. Leaving your heated hair like that will add more volume to it. 
  • Brush your hair: After curling, brush your hair thoroughly till you achieve the desired S-shape. But remember to leave the pinned-up hair on your crown. 
  • Sweep everything to the side: Take all your hair to your right side and secure the left side using several bobby pins. Then, remove the pins from your crown and brush all your hair together to get that chiselled look. 
  • Backcomb: Gently backcomb the ends of your hair for a voluminous look and set it with hairspray. 


Hairstyles always complete your look. It is better to practice your hairstyle before going to a party or function. A good hairstyle will boost your confidence and give you a graceful look. So, never compromise on your hairdos. 

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