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By Layana Reghunath

We are now living in concrete jungles. Gone are those days when there used to be big playgrounds and fields for the kids to play in. Every day, new buildings and infrastructure are coming up in this fast-moving world. Kids these days are confined to their homes, playing games in front of their TV or computer. It has led to some severe health issues in the next generation. Kids living in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, etc., are subjected to such situations more than the ones living in rural India. After realising the seriousness of the issue, the government has opened up gaming centres in different parts of the country. It encourages the kids to come out of their houses and participate in such games. Here, in this article, we will introduce some of the best gaming centres in Mumbai where you can take your child for some fun games. But before that, let’s understand the importance of games in a child’s life.

How important are games for a child’s development?

A few months ago, we were all confined to our homes because of the lockdown created by the pandemic. It was a forceful situation where we didn’t have any other option. But we all have learned the importance of going out and socialising from this lockdown. Yes, it improves both our mental and physical health. So, it is high time that we get our kids, who are glued to their phones playing video games, out and indulge in some physical activities. But is it possible in the concrete jungle we have created for ourselves? Of course, it is possible. You need motivation; millions of ways will be opened before you. Now, many companies are developing gaming centres in cities owing to their popularity. Below are some benefits of physical activities for children.

  • It keeps you active with additional health benefits

What physical games do is that it makes you walk around. You are indulging in physical activities like walking and running, which are very good for the body. According to health experts, a person must walk at least 1000 steps daily to increase his metabolism. These steps will also improve your heart health, lung condition, and overall well-being. Today’s kids are more into playing video games and other indoor activities requiring less physical labour, affecting their overall growth and immunity. In gaming centres, they can indulge in more physical activities and stay active.

  • Make new friends and can bond with the old ones

Outdoor games will sometimes be played in teams. It will improve your bonding with friends and help you make new friends. You will gain social skills that are slowly fading away from the present society. People hardly have time and are interested in meeting new people and making new friends. These gaming centres are great places to bond with people.

  • Explore your surroundings

Gaming centres nowadays help you to be more close to nature. Instead of spending your time on TV and other worldly things, you can now spend your valuable time exploring stuff around you. Feel the spirit and life that is forming around you. Kids living in cities are deprived of such pleasures, which is their necessity. Walking around and getting some fresh air and sunlight will improve their mental health, and they will also have the required vitamin D, which is deficient in most kids these days. It is a great way to explore your surroundings and re-energise yourself.

  • Reduces your anxiety and stress

Studies show that people living in confined spaces are more subjected to stress and anxiety and find it difficult to open up before their friends and family. Gaming centres are a great place to relieve your stress and anxiety. You will feel light-weighted after visiting these places. The luxury of going back to your childhood and becoming active will release all the stress hormones within you and help you relax. These centres will help you interact with more people and relieve social anxiety. Over time, you will feel more confident about yourself and perform better in life.

  • Improves mental health

Now, the world has recognised the importance of mental health. Governments and other non-profit organisations are conducting several talks and programs to improve people’s mental health across the globe. Managing stress has become a challenge for most people, and it is where the games will help you. It is the oldest tried and tested method of stress release. Studies repeatedly prove that games are a great way to detoxify your mind. So, what are you waiting for? Shed all your inhibitions, join the gaming centre near you, and rediscover yourself.

Top gaming centres in Mumbai

If you are a Mumbaikar looking for ways to re-energise yourself, we have developed some top gaming centres in Mumbai that will keep you on your toes all day. Let’s see them one by one.

  • Fun-O-Factory

If you are looking for some crazy games in the heart of the city, Fun-O-Factory is the right choice. It is situated on the R-city Mall, one of the biggest malls in Mumbai. You can experience adventurous activities like mountain climbing, trampoline park, dodgeball, and basketball. It is a must-visit place for adventure lovers who don’t have time to go on adventurous trips in their busy schedules.

  • Hakone Entertainment

Hakone Entertainment in Powai is the best place for fun activities like paintball, bull rides, zorbing, mini golf, and paddle boating. It also has one of India’s best go-karting tracks where you can spend quality time. Its bowling alley is also one-of-a-kind that can give you a wonderful experience. Hakone entertainment is located in the Haiko Mall of Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, in Mumbai.

  • Amoeba Sports Bar

Don’t get confused by the word ‘bar.’ It is not the standard bar where drinks and food are served. It is, in fact, a place where you can indulge in some fun activities. You can have a great time with your friends by playing in the bowling arena. Apart from that, many indoor board games are also available here. You can play video games, visit arcade gaming zone, play with incredible simulator machines and ride in bumper cars. I am sure this place will keep you occupied for hours. It is located on the Kurla side of Mumbai.

  • Jammin

As the name suggests, this fun place is jam-packed with kids and adults. It is also situated in the big R-City Mall and has the new generation’s spunky games. For adventure lovers, they have bumper cars and cool air hockey games. And if you are into video games, some fantastic games await you here. They have special rides and a bowling alley for kids. 

  • Smaash

Smaash is one of the top gaming centres in India. They have branches all over the country, including Mumbai, and smash has something to offer for individuals and teams. You can conduct parties here in their well-occupied party space. Smaash has its branch in Mumbai in Lower Parel.

  • Snow World

If you want to escape the heat waves outside, spending some time in the Snow World will be an excellent idea. It is situated in the Phoenix Marketcity, the biggest mall in Mumbai. Here, you can indulge in all kinds of winter activities like snowball fighting, playing around in the snow, snowboarding, ice sliding, and sledging. They also provide ice rinks for those who wish to go ice skating. 

  • Timezone

An upcoming gaming centre, Timezone, has branches all over Mumbai. You can compete with your friends and family in their big bowling arena and have fun playing air hockey and arcade games. And if you want to have a beach experience, you can play in the sand zone. In Mumbai, Timezone gaming centres in Inorbit Malls in Malad and Vashi, Korum Mall in Thane, R-City Mall in Ghatkopar, and Phoenix Marketcity in Kurla. 

  • Flight 4 Fantasy

If you are an aspiring pilot or have dreams of becoming one, Flight 4 Fantasy is the right choice. Sitting in their simulators, you can experience flying commercial aircraft, general aviation planes, or even fighter planes. Here you will be free to fly your aircraft in your way with lots of turns and twists and either land them safely or even crash them. You can have this one-of-a-kind experience in Kurla in Mumbai.

  • Prime Time

Prime Time in Mumbai is a restaurant cum gaming centre. You can indulge in exciting indoor games like pool maestro, bowling, and much more. They also screen live football matches here. It is also situated in the R-City mall in Ghatkopar, Mumbai.

  • Rush Enterprises

If you want to test your stamina and engage in some adventurous activities, you can try your luck at Rush Enterprises. Situated in the Fort area of Mumbai, Rush has some serious games which can satisfy the child in you. It is one of the sure-shot places to visit with your friends and family in Mumbai. 


I always look forward to having fun with my loved ones, and they are the ones that motivate us to keep going. Visiting the gaming centres mentioned above will give you some beautiful memories. Have fun and live your life today.

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