A phone in need is a friend indeed: Taking care of your bestie

A mobile phone is no longer a luxury but is almost like an extension of the body. We depend on our Android phones 24/7. From buying all kinds of stuff to self-diagnosing health issues, the phone is like a third limb.

Being such an indispensable part of our lives, taking care of our phones is a top priority for everyone, regardless of age or brand preferences. Here are ways to take care of the most dependable gadget in your life:

  • Cloak it in an excellent protective case.

This is a no-brainer. However sleek your phone looks, it is vital to get a good quality protective case the minute you invest in a phone. The ideal case is sturdy, shockproof, and waterproof. 

  • Use a screen protector.

This is yet another essential protection shield. Invest in a good quality screen protector to extend your phone’s smooth functioning. The screen protector takes the fall literally and otherwise. Your gadget stays safe from fingerprint smudges, scratches, and cracks. 

The different options in screen protectors are Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), and tempered glass. Among the three, PET is the cheapest and lightest but offers the least amount of scratch and impact protection.

 Though TET is more flexible, it provides a relatively durable finish.

The best option is to go for thick and strong tempered glass. The tempered glass keeps phones scratch-free and bears the brunt of falls.

  • No falls and no water

Try to keep your phone (this is easier said than done!). While the protective case and screen protector can shield your phone from massive damage, try not to drop it, especially on hard surfaces.  Phones may be waterproof, but for a smartphone, that means being submerged under one to three metres of water for about half an hour only. So, avoid phones in the bathroom!

  • Cleaning and tidying up

Phones have to be cleansed inside and out, just like our bodies! It is said that phones are ten times dirtier than toilet seats. Therefore, disinfecting phones is essential, particularly in the post-pandemic world. Here is the right way to clean your phone’s exterior.

Switch off your phone and remove the protective case. Wipe it down with a microfiber cloth first. Then use a gentle disinfecting wipe to clean the external surface. Make sure to leave the ports alone. Remember to let the phone air dry for at least 5 minutes. Finally, finish the process by wiping the phone with a clean paper towel or clean microfiber cloth. Repeat the same process with the protective case as well. Avoid scrubbing and using harsh abrasives.

Concerning internal cleaning, delete unused apps. Empty the caches regularly, too.

  • Maintain battery health

One can extend the lifespan of a phone if the battery is well-taken care of. Close background apps and keep the battery charge between 40% and 80%. Refrain from overcharging your phone because that leads to overheating of the battery. Avoid extreme temperatures since batteries get damaged in intense cold or extreme heat.  

Reduce the auto lock screen time. Turn off unwanted notifications. Remember to turn off wi-fi, AI assistants (like Siri, Alexa, etc.), and Bluetooth if they aren’t required. You could also reduce the volume and brightness of the screen to an optimal level to save battery life. 

  • Update regularly

Always download and install apps and system updates on your phone regularly. This ensures that the security features, bug fixes, and other important features are correctly installed. This protects the phone from viruses and keeps it functioning at the right speed. Updating apps will help get rid of bugs and run more smoothly.

  • Expand storage

Install an external SD card to increase your phone’s storage capacity. This frees up the phone’s internal memory, making it function faster. 

Clear the storage space of your phone regularly. Get rid of unnecessary files, photos, videos etc. to avoid making your phone sluggish. 

  • Take better care

Try to keep smartphones in a different pocket or compartment. Do not allow phones to be jingled along with keys and other abrasive items. These could damage your touch screen. Do not download unauthorised apps as they could damage your phone permanently. Use apps from trusted sources only.

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